Binary Viewer

Text Viewer is a viewer with text file structure navigation capabilities. Technically, it is just a user interface for TextDOM library, plus a text viewer. TextDOM library has text file structure definitions for many file formats. It can load a file, and represent file header and all the internal structure as a tree. TextDOM library supports file manipulations including changes in file structure and creation files from the scratch. Text Viewer does not support data manipulation operations - it is just a viewer. However, search mode and saves file fragments to disk.

Text Viwer window contains two vertical panels. Left panel is a document structrure tree, right panel is a text viewer.
Each item in a tree has a data type icon.
Here is what those icons mean:

Block of data with internal structure has "Rule" icon associated with it.
What if you need to find out where some character belongs to in the tree structure? Select the symbol in the text viewer, then push Ctrl+B, or click the second from the right toolbar button, or click "Find Selected Char" in View menu.
Click on application status icon on a status bar opens information (and error) log. Please, note that some complex text definition schemas provided with the product (C language, Java, SCharp, JavaScript) may not recognize all possible real code examples. These schemas are provided mostly for educational purposes.

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