Miraplacid Text Viewer

Miraplacid Text Viewer 3.2 is a visual tool for structured text files internals analysis. It represents file structure as a tree. Viewer highlighted selected tree item in the text viewer panel. A character selected in a viewer can be looked up in the tree. Viewer has search and navigation functionality, and can save selected fragment of text to a file.

How it works: of course, it cannot be done without knowing the file format. Both Miraplacid Text DOM and Miraplacid Text Viewer rely on Miraplacid Text Data Definition (.tdd) files, which contain definitions for internal text file structure. All the .tdd files included into the Miraplacid software package are licensed under Creative Commons Share Alike CC BY-SA 3.0. This license permits you to modify .tdd files and use them in commercial products.

If you need to use this text data manipulation technology in your own software, this is possible with Miraplacid Binary and Text DOM SDK, which provides a library (BinaryDOM.dll), documentation and examples.

Please, note that some complex text definition schemas provided with the product (C language, Java, SCharp, JavaScript) may not recognize all possible real code examples. These schemas are provided mostly in educational purposes.
Platform: Microsoft Dotnet 6.0 (net6.0-windows)

Miraplacid Text Viewer is distributed under three licenses: Miraplacid Text Viewer can be uninstalled anytime.

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