Binary and Text DOM Library Overview

Binary and Text DOM Library consists of two main parts: BinaryDOM and TextDOM.

BinaryDOM is a software system designed for binary file content access and manipulation. It can be used by technical specialists to convert data from one format to another, extract important data from files or data streams, recognize and sort files by content, and many other purposes. It works with images, video, music, documents, archives, and other file formats. Typical usage of this product includes:
  1. Document content access, data analysis, data extraction
  2. Document format conversion
  3. Document content filtering (example: stripping off some metadata)
  4. Document content modification (example: fill in author field, add comments)
  5. Document format recognition
  6. Document format validation
  7. New document creation
Like XML DOM, BinaryDOM includes API (set of classes and interfaces for data loading, validation, manipulation and storing), and utility classes for parsing files and validation. This help also includes documentation on data definition language BinaryDOM uses to parse, validate and produce binary documents.
In addition to BinaryDOM library, SDK includes PowerShell module, which allows to represent any supported document as a drive. It works with binary documents only.

TextDOM is intended to work with text documents for the same purposes as BinaryDOM. This part of library also has DOM-like API for manipulation textual data and specialized schema declaration language.
Please, note that some complex text definition schemas provided with the product (C language, Java, SCharp, JavaScript) may not recognize all possible real code examples. These schemas are provided mostly in educational purposes.

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